Alexander Micallef

Twenty Two Seven


Managing Director

ICT Consultancy
Help your organization be efficient in their operations and effective in reaching the business strategic objectives. As port of our services we will provide solutions that will be tailor made for your needs. Having over 25 years of experience in the retail, manufacturing and Financial sectors, we can understand your business needs and help you reach your targets. Solutions include the STP (Straight-through-Processing) for the FI industry, Backup solutions tailored for you needs, Disaster and Continuity planning and also we can help you write you ICT and security polices and procedures.

Managed services
We provide IT Support Services to small & medium businesses. We offer peace of mind.
Most companies in Europe fall within the SME (small and medium sized enterprises) sector and may not afford to have a fully-fledged in-house ICT team. Twenty-two seven™ can help you out by running the critical systems on your behalf through a managed service.

How do you protect your company jewels, that is, data and information?
How do you manage your IT infrastructure, such as Servers, laptops and networks?
Do you have a Disaster-Recovery plan? What happens if you cannot access your office, or your internet systems goes down? All the above can be catered for through a Service Level Agreement.

Building bespoke applications
If you cannot find an off-the-shelf software application, we can build one for you!
Twenty-two Seven™ develops desktop application that are designed to your requirements.
Labour can be expensive! Inputting errors and double checking can be very costly to your business!
We will build applications / programs for your to improve your productivity by minimising manual work. Our applications can be ported (run) on Windows and Linux platforms. Our customers will be provided with proper training and a full set of documentation.

Directorship services
All Financial and Credit Institutions required that Board Members have to be approved by the MFSA. We can represent your shareholders on the Board of Directors as an IT related board member.

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