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Clive Cusens

Innovators Club Malta, Forex Trader, Community Founder & Trainer

The Innovators Club is an organised community of over 4200 subscribers to the IM Mastery Academy educational platform (which in itself currently has close to 200,000 subscribers worldwide), which teaches people about Forex, how it works and how to trade it. Members also have the opportunity to earn while they learn, as the platform provides access to live trading sessions with over 120+ educators in more than 12 languages.

Clive Cusens is the founder of the Pip Catchers community, a smaller and more focused sub-group of the Innovators Club. This community serves to provide additional training, guidance and support to users of the platform, whilst still providing access to all of the benefits of the Innovators Club. Access to this community is granted only to IM Mastery Academy subscribers.


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