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>Kathrin Schilling | Schilling Ltd. / BioPowder.com

Kathrin Schilling

Schilling Ltd. / BioPowder.com, Managing Director

BioPowder.com transforms biomass into fine ingredients. Specifically, we process fruit stones such as olive stones, into powders and granules for a variety of industrial applications. The latter include: 1. Personal care: exfoliating grains in scrubs/soaps, binders, texturizers, sensory modifiers in colour and makup products 2. Household: abrasive grains for hand washing and cleaning media, fillers for toilet rim blocks and other solids to replace synthetic fillers 3. Biopolymers, resins and composites: fully bio-based fillers for materials with an increased portion of renewable components 4. Paints, glues, coatings: fillers to replace starch, calciumcarbonate and other unsustainable ingredients 5. Natural abrasives: for polishing, sandblasting and grinding 6. Food/feed: sources of easily digestible fibres, carbohydrates and antioxidants 7. Design/architecture: decorative granules for floorings, tiles, wallpapers, gardening

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