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>Viviana Premazzi | Global Mindset Development (GMD) Malta

Viviana Premazzi

Global Mindset Development (GMD) Malta,

We offer our clients a new lens that can to help them developing a global mindset, valuing diversity and promoting inclusion and a sense of belonging to their organisations.

At GMD Malta we help organisations to:

– promote diversity and develop a global mindset through cross-cultural understanding. We enhance communication, productivity and sense of belonging;
– adopt and develop a “culture add” mentality to attract and retain diverse talent;
– value and transform a diverse workforce into a real competitive advantage;
– develop innovative practices and tools to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion, helping to review progress and achieve objectives;
– foster an inclusive employee experience creating community and sense of belonging;
– internationalize, building an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the global market;
– find the best way to promote social change while bridging the gap between profit and purpose.

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