Dr Edward Firman

Dr Edward Firman & Associates Ltd.


Management & Financial Consultant

Having spent a number of years working in executive positions with a variety of business and non-profit organisations, I now practice as an independent management consultant and aim to provide a personalised and focused service to organisations which wish to assess and improve their performance.


In today’s turbulent business environment, it has become ever more important for organisations to carry out such an exercise to ensure that they achieve and maintain their competitive advantage. Without clarity in their Vision and flexible and innovative strategies to achieve the Vision, organisations can easily lose their direction and not attain the objectives they were formed to achieve.


As an independent management consultant, my objective is to provide organisations – your organisation – with the best approach and practical techniques available to assess and improve their performance. In doing this, I am not committed to any particular approach or technique, but only seek to identify and implement the route or routes which will help your organisation to achieve its objectives, as efficiently and effectively as possible, and to do this in a personalised and focused manner.


In this respect, I carry out tailored assignments for organisations in the strategy, finance, EU funding and ISO certification fields. I also lecture in the area of performance assessment and improvement, and carry out research in the management and economics fields. I also represent London Economics, the international economics consultancy, in Malta and I act as a Business Advisor at Malta Enterprise

and as a registered consultant on EU Funding projects at the Malta Government EU Funds office.


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