Member nameCompanyEmailPhone
Alex Grima Progressive Information Systems Ltd +356 2152 4777View Profile
Alexander MicallefTwenty Two Profile
Clive CusensInnovators Club +35677149853View Profile
Craig Welsh Spectrum IFA Group +356 9933 8271View Profile
Dr David GonziGonzi and Associates, 2015 7000View Profile
Dr Edward FirmanDr Edward Firman & Associates 2137 3995View Profile
Elizabeth Pulo JAYE MaltaHello@jayemalta.org21245054View Profile
George BonelloSidroc Services Profile
Gordhan Gilbert Mohnani Corporate Gifts +356 9949 3975View Profile
Gwilym Bugeja 4Sight +356 2780 0882View Profile
Ilenia Navarro Design Hub Malta +356 9944 1703View Profile
Karl GrechKarl Grech Performance Coach & 79050478View Profile
Richard Falzon EF & Co Certified Public Accountants +356 2122 7660View Profile
Simon Rajan Bharwani MBA (UoL)Perry 9949 5415View Profile
Sylvain AzzopardiAX 99114455View Profile

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